Natural whole food energy

Waste free wrapper

Nature’s original energy snack

Introducing Boca Bloks – whole food blocks of guava super fruit bursting with energy and flavor. We traveled deep into the heart of Colombia to discover the source of the energy snacks that Colombian cyclists have eaten for years. Now we are happy to make available these sustainably-sourced, two-ingredient snacks wrapped in a waste-free leaf.

We go to the source

To give you all-natural energy

Our Mission


Boca Bloks are an all-natural alternative to engineered, lab-based energy snacks. These delicious bloks have two ingredients – guava with a touch of sugar. They contain no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no oils, no processed sugars, no salt, no wax, and no GMOs.

The Environment

Boca Bloks’ leaf wrapping provides a biodegradable alternative to the polyethylene plastic gel packs and wrappers that occupy landfills and litter bike paths. We believe in sustainable and organic practices and are currently working on becoming a carbon negative business.

Social Responsibility

Boca Bloks sources 100% of its products from small-scale, farmer-owned cooperatives. We believe that workers should be paid a price that ensures sustainable production and living conditions and we are currently working on a development project to support the surrounding Colombian community.

What’s not to like?

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